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[Bug 347] XFS clearing the disk

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Subject: [Bug 347] XFS clearing the disk
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Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 11:10:07 -0700
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------- Additional Comments From christopher.g.dorosky@xxxxxxxx  2004-20-07 
11:10 PDT -------
Sorry, didn't want to add more until I found out if:
anyone would actually read the bug.
if there was a very common bug in version 1.2 that erased the disk.

Disk type: SCSI
Linux version 2.4.something

Customer complaint is that with 2 separate disks, that they have had data 
erasure with "df" not noticing.
This is what bothers me.

rm -rf would set the disk back to near 0% full.
But, if the disk was 65% full (of 163 GB), and was working, and all of a sudden 
goes to 65% full, with NO FILES AVAILABLE, then this indicates a problem. They 
say it has happened on two separate disks.

I am not aware of an easy way to remove files, and fool "df" into thinking that 
they are still there. This was not clear on the last message, sorry. df STILL 
shows the same amount (or very close) of space taken up, even when the root 
disk directory says it is empty.

What could happen to the file system, to essentially lose the root entries to 
it's directory structure? Shouldn't the journaling fix this?

Should some version of fsck or something similiar be run every boot when xfs is 

They do have the disks mounted rw.

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