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Re: Linux/XFS equivalents of defrag, chkdsk?

To: Chris Wedgwood <cw@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Linux/XFS equivalents of defrag, chkdsk?
From: mike <mike@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 13:47:15 -0700 (PDT)
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Mike: yes
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first off, thanks for the reply.

On Sun, 29 Aug 2004, Chris Wedgwood wrote:

On Sun, Aug 29, 2004 at 01:24:22PM -0700, mike wrote:

Are there Linux equivalents for the XFS filesystem for chkdsk (fsck
-n seemed like the only possibility and it does not work) or defrag?

yes and no

   xfs_repair can detect and repair damage for file-systems which are
   *not* in use

   xfs_fsr tries to reduce the fragmention of files

there are not really the sane and windows chkdsk or defrag though

Perhaps the way XFS runs, defrag is useless/not required.

file fragmentation shouldn't be a big issue with the exception of a a
few applications / usage patterns (p2p applications are actually make
this hard but that's true for all filesystems pretty much)

But it would be nice to be able to check filesystem consistency
(while it's mounted, so it'd be read-only checking obviously)

can't really be done reliably, i guess you could snapshot, clone and
check the clone, but it's really a hack

before something happens or while it's not in the process of booting
the machine.

most people don't need to check the fs whilst it's mounted,
file-system problems shouldn't occur that often

if they are, something is wrong and it should be fixed

that's what i'm hoping to find BEFORE something bad happens.

how come windows can check it's filesystems and/or defrag while it's in use, but linux can't? i don't get that.

in summary, you're saying that if it's mounted, i'm SOL for doing any sort of filesystem optimizations or maintenance...?

- mike


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