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4k stacks on 32-bit, 8k stacks on 64-bit

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Subject: 4k stacks on 32-bit, 8k stacks on 64-bit
From: David Kewley <kewley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 22:41:26 -0700
Organization: Caltech ITS
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How is xfs doing these days with 4k stacks on x86 systems, or 8k stacks on 

I'm running RHEL 4, with xfs enabled in a kernel directly derived from the 
RHEL 4 kernel.  I'm on x86_64, and until today, I thought I was safe 
stackwise because x86_64 keeps 8k stacks even when x86 is 4k.  But Dave Jones 
has confirmed that stack objects are twice as big on x86_64 as on x86, so I'm 
in as much danger for stack overflow as x86 is with 4k stacks.

Agreed so far?

How big is the danger, and what can I do to avoid it?


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