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RE: XFS corruption during power-blackout

To: "'Sonny Rao'" <sonny@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: XFS corruption during power-blackout
From: "Al Boldi" <a1426z@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 20:25:11 +0300
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Sonny Rao wrote: {
> > >On Wed, Jun 29, 2005 at 07:53:09AM +0300, Al Boldi wrote:
> > >>What I found were 4 things in the dest dir:
> > >>1. Missing Dirs,Files. That's OK.
> > >>2. Files of size 0. That's acceptable.
> > >>3. Corrupted Files. That's unacceptable.
> > >>4. Corrupted Files with original fingerprint. That's ABSOLUTELY 
> > >>unacceptable.
> > >
> 2. Moral of the story is: What's ext3 doing the others aren't?

Ext3 has stronger guaranties than basic filesystem consistency.
I.e. in ordered mode, file data is always written before metadata, so the
worst that could happen is a growing file's new data is written but the
metadata isn't updated before a power failure... so the new writes wouldn't
be seen afterwards.


Thanks for you input!
Is there an option in XFS,ReiserFS,JFS to enable ordered mode?

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