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XFS and AMD64

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Subject: XFS and AMD64
From: Ethan Benson <erbenson@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 18:55:36 -0800
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I am looking into building a high end multi-user host system, and as
such it will require a great deal of memory (2-4+ GB).  I would prefer
to use a 64 bit architecture to avoid the pitfalls of 32bit+highmem.

I also need i386 binary compatibility, as near as I can tell AMD64
looks like the best candidate.

Since I need utmost i386 binary compatibility I would most likely need
to run a 32 bit user-space with a 64 bit kernel.  The Debian AMD64
pages claim this type of setup will work but certain configurations do
not, one example they state is XFS.

Can anyone elaborate as to what the issues are?  I assume it has
something to do with the XFS user-land tools not playing well with a 64
bit kernel (as opposed to 64 bit XFS user-land).

Does anyone else have any experience with working with 64 bit
architectures and XFS, particularly with 32 bit i386 user-land (or if
you know of a hassle free way to get full i386 compatibility with mostly 64
bit user-land that would be nice too.).  Any other
recommendations/advice in regards to 64 bit architecture would be
welcome as well.


Ethan Benson

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