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Re: XFS - hard drive dying

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Subject: Re: XFS - hard drive dying
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Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 22:03:15 +0200
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A JM schrieb:
> Yes, "/dev/hdc/video" was a typo on my behalf it should read "/dev/hdc".


> Here a link to my latest
> post(http://oss.sgi.com/archives/linux-xfs/2005-08/msg00139.html).

yes, i commented on that :-)

> I've got to figure this data is recoverable since the drive is still
> functional? I guess that could bequestionable.

*if* the data is functional, then you can get your data. dd'ing is fine,
but it'll stop on read errors which are likely to happen if the drive is
damaged. dd_rescue will continue its work and has some nice other features
too (see http://www.garloff.de/kurt/linux/ddrescue/  again)

> So, if I'm runing out of space on the new drive what would happen if I
> save it to a file?  (% dd_rescue /dev/VGforMyth/video
> /tmp/VGforMyth.img) Will it be reduced in size? Would I then run
> xfs_repair on it?

/tmp/VGforMyth.img will be the size of /dev/VGforMyth/video. it may be
smaller if some sectors could not be read. say dd_rescue can't read 100
sectors from /dev/VGforMyth/video, then /tmp/VGforMyth.img will be 100
sectors smaller.

> Would that also possible fix the superblock error: "Found candidate
> secondary superblock error reading superblock 22 -- seek to offset
> 209002168320 failed unable to verify superblock continuing"

fixing XFS filesystems is a job for xfs_repair. dd_rescue has nothing to
do with it. please try to finish step one (dd_rescue), then continue with

> This drive was part of a volume group "VGforMyth/video" and was the
> second drive in the group. I believe itwas formatted using ext3 if I
> recall correctly.

erm, if it is ext3....then you should be using e2fsprogs and eventually
posting on ext3-users@xxxxxxxxxx right?

BOFH excuse #48:

bad ether in the cables

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