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Will we ever see XFS supported in Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

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Subject: Will we ever see XFS supported in Red Hat Enterprise Linux?
From: "Bryan J. Smith" <b.j.smith@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 15:46:09 -0500
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I know this is not a Red Hat support list and SGI can't speak for Red
Hat.  But after several years, let alone the release of kernel 2.6 with
XFS support, I'm still scratching my head on why XFS is not being
offered in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  Because of such, I am still
deploying Fedora Core 3 when I need XFS in a distribution.

Like others, I have often see the regular comment that Red Hat believes
XFS offers no features over Ext3.  I seriously beg to differ like
others, especially when it comes to backing up EAs like ACLs and SELinux
attributes.  That's a show-stopper right there.  And there are the
serious scalability issues beyond 1.1TB.

I don't know why Red Hat can't accept the fact that XFS is a perfect
complement to Ext3.  I still use Ext3 for the "essential" filesystems,
and most smaller static/binary filesystems -- and I'm glad Tweedie came
up with a solution for many of use back in the kernel 2.2 timeframe
using a variant of the trusted Ext2 filesystem.  But I prefer XFS for
large user data, several types of service data, as well as any
image/media repositories -- especially since XFS has all the features of
Ext3 and more since almost day 1.

Is it really a Not Invented Here (NIH) type attitude?  Or does Red Hat
not want to have to support a 2nd filesystem?  Again, most of the
comments I see from Red Hat developers are very applicable to ReiserFS
and JFS, but not applicable to XFS at all.  And given some of the
serious "deficiencies" of Ext3 for the "larger enterprise," I still
cannot understand why Red Hat does not complement Ext3 with XFS where
Ext3 is a serious limitation.

They are only hurting their own product IMHO, so I really can't
understand the logic of continuing with only Ext3.  XFS complements Ext3
perfectly, especially for Red Hat's focus on ACLs, SELinux, NFS, etc...

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