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Re: file system defragmentation

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Subject: Re: file system defragmentation
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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 19:32:30 +1000
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Cosmo Nova wrote:
Hi, you mentioned delayed allocation. What is the size of the buffer holding
the data, before they're actually written to disk? How can it tackle growing

I'll leave the details for Nathan/Dave...

If I have a DVR system of 16 channels. They keep writing data to the disk in
pieces of video files. I read some spec of xfs. Apart from extend-based
allocation, there're allocaiton groups in xfs. I would like to ask, does
XFS's allocation groups work similar as JFS's, which would lock an
allocation group for individual file write? How does the allocation group in
XFS work? And how would it help the fragmentation problem?

Locking down an allocation group is part of what a new "filestream"
mount option will provide. This feature is already in use at a
number of IRIX sites with media apps (mainly in conjunction with CXFS
since you have more writers in a clustered filesystem and more need to
lock down contiguous space), and is coming to Linux XFS soon.

The best way to tackle fragementation with streaming data is to
preallocate space for the files. This allows the allocator to
try to find the space you require using as large contiguous chunks
as it can find. See xfsctl(3).


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