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Re: Errors on XFS partition - ask for diagnose

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Subject: Re: Errors on XFS partition - ask for diagnose
From: Marcin Zajączkowski <mszpak@xxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 19:00:07 +0100
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On 2006-11-27 9:29:08 +0100, David Chatterton wrote:

Thanks, I had 2.6.17 kernel those days.
I'll try to get xfs_repair >= 2.8.10 for SystemRescueCD which I use and try repair file system.


Marcin Zajączkowski wrote:

Recently some of my executable files (on XFS partition) have become
"invisible" for whereis, locate, find, bash, mc, nautilus and others.
They are not reported by autofill in bash, but I can run it by typing
full file name. "ls" with full name returns info about file, "ls" with
regexp no.

I run xfs_check and it returned me many errors (see below).

Because I don't have experience with errors on XFS partition I would
like to ask, do you think that after ran of xfs_repair file system would
be still usable (now only those files are invisible, but still accessible)?

Btw, I didn't have any power failure, nor problems with hardware (at
least on this partition - based on smart report). The trigger for that
was to fill in partition in 100%. Could it cause those error on my

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