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[PATCH, needs a new owner] XFS Alloc Policies

To: xfs-oss <xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [PATCH, needs a new owner] XFS Alloc Policies
From: Mark Goodwin <markgw@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 15:03:28 +1100
Organization: SGI Engineering
Reply-to: Mark Goodwin <goodwinos@xxxxxxxxx>
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Series of patches, originally by Dave Chinner. This series
of 18 patches is unfinished and needs a new owner - the
feature partially implements pluggable allocation policies
for XFS.

A fairly substantial architectural write-up with community
debate/feedback on the design would be appropriate before
embarking on this. Tarball attached for the following:

01/18 xfs-fix-buf-trace
02/18 xfs-kconfig-debug
03/18 xfs-ap-inode-ag-hooks
04/18 xfs-ap-inode-agi-search-hooks
05/18 xfs-ap-data-hooks
06/18 xfs-ap-data-ac-context
07/18 xfs-ap-make-it-work
08/18 xfs-ap-per-inode-policy
09/18 xfs-ap-policy-register
10/18 xfs-ap-per-fs-policy
11/18 xfs-ap-ioctl-interface
12/18 xfs-sysfs-mount-t
13/18 xfs-ap-kobj-core
14/18 xfs-ap-handle-growfs-past-1TB
15/18 xfs-ap-cleanup-data-fallback
16/18 xfs-ap-propagate-context
17/18 xfs-ap-fix-filestreams
18/18 xfs-ap-split-inode-policy-id

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