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Problem Installing XFS support into my kernel....

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Subject: Problem Installing XFS support into my kernel....
From: "Jean-Luc Gason" <illusion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 12:12:28 +0200
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Well, before going on, I apologize asking perhaps a dumb question, but I'm not 
realy a programmer, i'm a compositing artist who has to implement XFS support 
into his linux workstation to be hable to share a fiberchannel raid with 

I'm going to do you a quick history of my attempt to compile XFS support into 
my kernel.

First i'm on RedHat 7.2 distro with a 2.4.18-0.13 beta kernel.

I've a Qlogic QLA2200 fiber HBA with v6 beta of the drivers.

On this is a Vixel fiber switch where a Raidtec SAN is connected.

I've downloaded via CVS the sources of XFS for Linux (following the TLDP HowTo)

Added into my already tweaked version of kernel source (tweaked to add support 
for QLA2200v6) of 2.4.18 the "/fs/xfs"," /fs/xfs_dmapi","/fs/xfs_support" 
directories to my kernel sources, as well as the "/fs/xattr.c" and the 
"/include/linux/xfs_support" directory and the "/include/linux/xattr.h", 
"xfs_fs.h", "xfs_fs_i.h", "xfs_fs_sb.h" and "behavior.h".

Then i copy-pasted the SGI XFS lines from Makefile and Config.in

run make menuconfig, made XFS support and all his modules compiled into kernel 
( [*] ), run make dep, when ok, run make bzImage modules modules_install when 
ok (at least, went to the end without error i saw), mkinitrd 
initrd_xfs_qla_support.img 2.4.18-0.13, copied the bzimage and initrd into 
/boot, append my grub.conf, boot, everything work fine execpt that when it 
comes to mount my XFS fiberarray, it says me fs type xfs not supported by 

I don't understand, i followed the howto, got no compilation error, verified 
again if in menuconfig everything was selected [*], and it was....

Can someone help me please?

(and remember that i'm everything except a programmer... so for me C source are 
as understable as old babylonian cuneiform language...)

Thanks a lot

Jean-Luc Gason
Main Frame Facilities

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