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re[2]: Snapshot regression test [WAS: re[6]: Summary - Snapshot Effort]

To: Nathan Scott <nathans@xxxxxxx>
Subject: re[2]: Snapshot regression test [WAS: re[6]: Summary - Snapshot Effort]
From: Greg Freemyer <freemyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 18:53:42 -0400
Cc: <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Organization: The NorcrossGroup
Sender: linux-xfs-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx
Hey Nathan,

I'm glad your in.  I'm going to hang around for an hour or so in hopes you get 
back to me.

As I said in my other e-mail, I have the dd loop working now, but I'm very 
stumped by my timeout logic.

Is there a reason the test scripts are being run in interactive mode?  In 
non-interactive mode these messages don't come out at all.

Maybe I have something wrong in my setup?

 >>  On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 03:04:35PM -0400, Greg Freemyer wrote:
 >>  > Nathan,

 >>  hey Greg,

 >>  > I have the very basics of a new test almost working.  I'm assuming it
 >>  will be 068.

 >>  Good stuff.  068 sounds fine.

 >>  > One big problem I have is that I start a background infinite loop of
 >>  dd's to generate some i/o load.
 >>  > 
 >>  > i.e.
 >>  > while true; do
 >>  >      dd if=/scratch/dummy of=/scratch/junk bs=64k >/dev/null 2>&1
 >>  >      rm /scratch/junk
 >>  >      sync
 >>  > done >/dev/null 2>&1 &
 >>  > 
 >>  > At the end of the script I kill this off.  Unfortunately, when it dies
 >>  the parent shell is notifying the user with output like:
 >>  > 
 >>  > > 068: line 127:  3956 Killed                  while true; do
 >>  > >     dd if=/scratch/dummy of=/scratch/junk bs=64k >/dev/null 2>&1; rm
 >>  /scratch/junk; sync;
 >>  > > done >/dev/null 2>&1
 >>  > 
 >>  > in my 068.out file.  Since this has pids in the output, I always get a
 >>  failure message.
 >>  > 
 >>  > Is there a way to say that output should not be compared, or do you know
 >>  some shell trick to avoid having this output generated.

 >>  The trick is knowing where the output is coming from and selectively
 >>  filtering it so that you only have error/other messages which are of
 >>  relevence to the test being sent to the output file.

 >>  In your case, it looks like the parent shell of your while loop (this
 >>  is almost certainly this is the shell process running your script) is
 >>  the source of your "Killed" message.  So, one approach here would be
 >>  to do something like wrapping the loop in a sub-shell (using parens)
 >>  and sending that shell's output into oblivion, ala...

 >>  ( while true; do
 >>      ... foo ...
 >>  done ) >/dev/null 2>&1 &

 >>  You may also want to recheck your shell loop above, it doesn't look
 >>  quite like what I thought it was trying to do when I first read it -
 >>  are you missing a count=XXX argument from your dd?  If not, the rm and
 >>  sync will (by my reading of it, anyway) never get executed... and not
 >>  much point in making it a loop?  Perhaps I've misunderstood the intent
 >>  there though.

 >>  Have fun.

 >>  cheers.

 >>  -- 
 >>  Nathan

Greg Freemyer
Internet Engineer
Deployment and Integration Specialist
Compaq ASE - Tru64 v4, v5
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