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Re: ways to restore data from crashed disk

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Subject: Re: ways to restore data from crashed disk
From: Jaap Struyk <japie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2007 06:03:43 +0200
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Eric Sandeen schreef:

> when you are talking about sizes, do you mean space used (du) or max
> offset (ls -l?)  max offset should be the same for your image file as
> for your original device... 120G.

ls -l
But I don't know what tot trust anymore, if I look with gparted at my
partitions the old disk gaves me a partition of 140G with 106G used space.
My new disk has a partition of 200G with 166G used space.
If I create a new xfs partition it has about 10% used space (according
to gparted, I suspect thats the size of the logfiles?) so from the 166G
on the new disk 146G is the "real" used space so that should be the size
of the image file. (nomather what ls -l tells me)
Is this correct?
Groetjes Japie

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